New Message as of 9/30/13 from Cathy Seal.
This Professional Growth Plan form, PGP, can be used in any district that is using four domains in their Compass Rubric for Librarians. At this time, HCIS will not be modified to accommodate this plan.

9/4/13- A message from Cathy Seal, LASL Standards Committee Chairman:
The Louisiana Association of School Librarians has worked diligently during the past year to develop a rubric that is more specific to the task of school librarians. I served as chair. First, we began with the rubric that the was proposed in 2009 by the American Association of School Librarians in the Danielson fashion. We did obtain permission form the author to base our work on the 2009 AASL suggestion.

In our work, we shortened the very long AASL document, retained the teaching components of the LA Compass Teacher Rubric, added components that reflect the unique responsibilities that all librarians have in addition to teaching, made the rubric user friendly so that busy evaluators would have enough information to use the librarian rubric without attending a course, and yet kept it to a reasonable size.

Our committee used all four domains and decided on 10 components. We added an extra column to indicate evidence and artifacts that evaluators could request to verify performance. The rubric design is like the teacher form that most use and can still find on the DOE site. It does lack an introduction, which we may tackle this upcoming year.

Two versions are attached. They are identical--one in Excel and one in Word.

I urge you to consider using this document for the school year 2013-2014. As you may know the rubric waiver process has been shortened to allow districts simply to inform the LA DOE that an alternate rubric will be used. The Action item from a recent department newsletter is quoted below:

"Alternate Rubric:
If you choose to use an alternate rubric rather than COMPASS for evaluation , please submit the name of that rubric //here// by September 1, 2013. The specific flexibility available under current law and policy is outlined //here//."

Along with all of the members of our committee, member of the Louisiana Library Association and school librarians around the state, I appreciate your consideration of this opportunity to meet an important need.

Cathy Seal
Chair, LASL Standards and Rubric Committee
Secretary, Louisiana Library Association
Director, Library Services
Christa McAuliffe Center
12000 Goodwood Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70815 225-226-7611; 225-226-7902 FAX