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Our School Library Programs and Louisiana's Comprehensive Curriculum

Library/Technology Connections to the Comprehensive Curriculum
This document identifies those activities from the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum that
  • can be more effectively addressed in a library setting using multiple print and online library resources,
  • require the use of multiple computers for students to be actively involved in the use of technology.

Librarians Sharing What Works!

Story Book Quilt

Lesson and Activity by Jennifer Willis, LMS Central Elementary, Calhoun, LA

Using Non-Fiction as Inquiry

(LA Comprehensive Curriculum: Gr. 3, ELA, Unit 2, Activity 6)

Lesson Submitted by Shirley Brown, LMS Robinson Elementary, Monroe, LA

Library Citizenship
1. Pack a backpack with a bar of soap, headphones, ruler, pair of high heel shoes, very damaged book. Take out each item and place on a table for the class to see. Ask students how these items relate to the library. Each item is a symbol of a book care rule or library rule. Soap reminds us to use clean hands when using library books and resources; headphones – speak loud enough so that only one person can hear you; ruler- use as a shelf marker; high heels- only walk in the library (it’s hard to run in high heels. Let some of the boys try it.), damaged book - discuss book care.
2. After reading the book, No David by David Shannon, pass out cards to each student that say No, David! on one side and Yes, David! on the other side. Make sentence strips with sentences, such as David ran to get on the bus first and dropped his library book in the hall. Students then hold up their card with the right answer – No, David!- and discuss how David should carry his book in his backpack.
3. Read the book The Shelf Elf by Jackie Hopkins to begin a discuss about library etiquette. Purchase the plush character doll and place it on a different library shelf each week to remind students Shelf Elf wants them to remember the library’s rules. Each week he could inspect the shelves to see which classes are doing the best job keeping the shelves neat. A trophy or certificate or other form of recognition could be awarded to the “neat” class.

Copyright Lessons for Middle School Students (6-8)

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