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LASL Presentation Handouts & Other Materials

Past Conferences:

"It's Peanut Butter and Jelly Time!" Web Tools that Grab Attention and Infuse Energy"
By Susan Gauthier

"Tools for Research in the Library", join this group to view and add
By Paula Clemmons

Become a 21st Century School Librarian: Learn How to Harness Digital Resources by Elizabeth Kahn
This is a link to the wiki with all of my resources: http://bit.ly/Y1E4Ag.
Here is a link to the Prezi that I showed: http://bit.ly/YQQ5IK

Library Clubs=Library Advocates by Paula Clemmons and Brenda Acosta

"Power Up Your PLN", can be found here:
By Tiffany Whitehead

"Everybody has a laptop, so why do we need a librarian?"
by Cinde Sulik, Belinda Edwards, and Debbi Kremhellr

"Building a Bridge: Linking reading, writing, AR, RTI, and the Common Core"
by Tanya Bares and Catherine Vinson

"Performers Showcase" by Mary Jo Kelly, Sherry Broussard, and Johnette Downing

"Visual Thinking Strategies for Librarians" by Paula Graffeo
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Conference 2012:

Fairy Tales: Fact, Fantasy, Fashion, Fun presentation